White Light LEDs

At the heart of our lighting products.

At iLED, we only use the brightest, most efficient and longest lived white LEDs.

When a LED fixture is designed with amazing LEDs, the result is equally amazing.

Only the very best LEDs will do. At iLED, every single device we build uses the highest quality of LEDs available: ensuring efficiencies of more than 200lm/W and device lifespans of up to 20 years. We are proud to incorporate the latest and greatest LED devices from the best manufacturers into our devices.

High power white LEDs


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Nichia HP Series

The most powerful, durable and reliable. Our devices featuring the Nichia HP Series offer up to 157lm/W, durabilities of up to 22 years and CRIs of up to 90. These LEDs are used by all of our outdoor and heavy duty devices:

Products using Nichia HP:  Polaris and Auriga

Osram HP Series

Powerful, high value option with a durability of up to 15 years. Our devices featuring the Osram HP series offer the best value with reasonable efficiencies of up to 140lm/W.

Products using Osram HP: Nova


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