AC LED Engines

Turn any LED fixture design into a driver-less device

Available in industry-standard sizes, our standard AC engine line enables you to implement driver-less technology in all existing fixture designs instantly

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Introducing our Standard AC LED Light Engines

Fit most current fixture designs instantly up to 4'

Install, wire, and power on - no more driver required

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Altair: Solid State AC Drive

Our Altair eDrive technology enables seamless AC operation. Altair devices behave like lightbulbs, delivering high PF, low THD which translates to high efficiency.

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Mid Power OSRAM / Samsung LEDs

Designed using  Mid Power OSRAM / Samsung LED Series, with the widest range of CRI and CCT: including CRI Rn 90 Ra 50.

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Industry-Standard Sizing

Our standard LED board line comes in industry-standard sizes; the devices  fit most 2', 3', and 4' fixtures.

High Quality Power

PF test out >0.95, up to0.98

THD is < 15%

Long Durability

No capacitors, inductors, or reactive components. Thermally stable. Up to 15 years operating lifespans.

Thermally Stable

Self-regulating AC technology keeps the board thermally stable, preventing thermal runaway.

Standard Boards:


845 x 10 mm / 33.26 x 0.39 in

2,100 lm

@ 18W / 120Vac
  • Ideal for troffers and linear lights
  • 1,400lm (11W) or 2,100lm (18W)
  •  Installation: Adhesives


Zhaga(tm) compliant 558 x 24 mm / 21.97 x .95 in

2,100 lm

@ 18W / 120Vac
  • Ideal for all 2' linear light sources
  • 1,400lm (11W) or 2,100lm (18W)
  • Installation: Adhesives or mechanical fasteners


580 x 38 mm / 22.83 x 1.5 in

4,000 lm

@ 30W / 120Vac
  • Ideal for high output troffers and linear lights.
  • 3,000lm (20W) or 4,000lm (30W)
  • Installation: Adhesives or mechanical fasteners



1,150x 12 mm /  45.28 x .47 in

4,200 lm

@ 32W / 120Vac
  • Ideal for all 4' linear light sources
  • 1,700lm (11W) / 3,000lm (21W) / 4,200lm (32W)
  • Installation: Adhesives


55mm  / 2.16 in diameter round

2,600 lm

@ 20W / 120Vac
  • Ideal for medium size round sources
  • 1,800lm (13W) or 2,600lm (20W)
  • Installation: Adhesives or mechanical fasteners