LED Streetlights

Setting the Standard

From 19W  to 285W, AC, DC, or solar powered. Telemetry and control compatible streetlights. 

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Auriga/2.0: The Streetlight of the Future

The most efficient and feature-packed streetlight

Multiple Power Sources

Auriga devices accept power from almost any input

90 ~ 305 or 180 ~ 524 Vac

Normal 46 ~ 67Hz AC grid electricity.

24~60 or 127 ~ 740 Vdc

Direct DC current or solar-sourced energy

60Vdc Solar MPPT

60 volts solar-power with batteries. MPPT controller included.

The Most Options and Features

Ready for the Internet of Things

Wide Optics Portfolio

Covering all IESNA type curves, the devices can be configured for both street and parking lighting.

Telemetry and Remote Control

Monitor and control of your fleet remotely. Keep track of malfunctions and power usage.

Powerful IoT Platform

Our smart light platform enables Auriga devices to host security cameras, WiFi hot-spots and more.

Up to 40,300lm

285W @ 131lm/W

Wide Optic Selection

Covering most IESNA curve types and special applications

Up to 157lm/W

The highest efficiency in streetlights

Family-wide specifications:


Input Voltage:
90 ~ 305Vac / 180 ~ 526Vac / 24 ~ 60 V Solar (MPPT) / DC up to 600V
Electrical Efficiency:
Up to 93%
Ambient Temperature:
-20C to 60C
CCT Range:
2,700K, 3,000K, 3,500k, 4,000k, 5,000k, 5,700k, 6,500k
LEDiL Strada IP-67
Lifetime (Emitter):
100,000 hours+
Lifetime (Driver; field replaceable):
62,000 hours
Surge suppression:
10kV @ 8.33uS at 10KA Standard. 20kV Optional
Warranty, Emitter:
22 years at 12 hours daily usage
Holder diameter:

Select power range:

Low Power

1 and 2 Engines

16,100 lm

@116W: 138lm/W.
  • From 2,880lm (19W) through 16,100lm (116W)
  • Replace most streetlights up 300W

Mid Power

3 Engines

  24,700 lm

@175W: 137lm/W.
  • From 17,300lm (120W) through 24,700lm (116W)
  • Replace most Streetlights up to 600W

High Power

5 Engines

  40,300 lm

@285W: 131lm/W.
  • From 28,800lm (200W) through 40,300lm (285W)
  • Replace most streetlights up to 2,000W