HD Pendant LEDs

Heavy Duty, Superior Performance

Next Generation LEDs, Next Generation Lamps

Carina Series: The Ultimate Pendant Light

No compromises, highest performance



Odoo CMS - a big picture


Highest Savings

  40 W

  • 142 lm/W
  •  <=16Ft/5Mt ceilings
  • Low bay optics
  • 90 ~ 524Vac


Very Bright

80 W

  • 149lm/W
  • <=30Ft/6Mt ceilings
  • High bay optics
  • 90 ~ 524Vac


Highest Luminosity


  • 144 lm/W
  •  >40Ft/12Mt ceilings
  • N-high bay optics
  • 90 ~ 524Vac

Integrate Multiple Devices into Large Systems

 Keeping the installation simple

Carina devices can be used in single or in series configuration.

Just one lamp is not enough. Lighting warehouses and large buildings are a challenge: the cabling, the light distribution and the installation are complex issues.

iLED Carina Pendants are designed to carry power and mechanical support from one lamp to the next, allowing you to easily install large systems comprising dozens of meters of light output while keeping it consistent, reliable, and without having to worry about cabling or connecting more than a single lamp of each array. Making installation and design a breeze.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Consistent, Powerful Illumination

Suitable for all aisle lighting applications

Odoo CMS - a big picture