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 Intelligent lighting with design in mind

iLED diseña y fabrica productos LED inovadores

Con la mayor eficacia, durabilidad y calidad de luz

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    Todos nuestros productos están diseñados y ensamblados en Philadelphia, PA.


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      Altair: Retrofits Magnéticos de Instalación Inmediata

      Actualización al momento para las luminarias de 2', 3' y 4' . No se requieren drivers. High value option para retrofit de luminarias existentes. Hasta 6,500lm @ 50W.
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      OEM Light Engines: Powering your Next Fixture Design

      Drop-in AC-powered boards for 2', 3', 4' and round fixtures.  No need for drivers. Up to 6,500lm @ 50W.
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      OEM Design & Project Management

      Turn-key design, manufacturing and project management services.

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      Designed by iLED:  Meeting your clients' needs.

      Build your brand with iLED's industry leading technologies.  iLED designs and engineers specifically to  your client's demands.

      iLED OEM Designs, prototypes, and manufactures all types of Lumminaires to meet all of our client's challenges. From one sample, to thousands of pieces delivered.

      Lighting Projects Design & Management

      Let our expert Lighting Design Team create, and manage your next project.

      Using our expertise, our large catalog of products, and industry standard software, we turn all lighting design projects into a turn-key solutions including lighting design, installation manuals and procedures.

      We take challenges and achieve them - right on the first time.

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      Featured Technologies and Applications:

      At the technological forefront of LED Lighting.

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      Hydroponic Lighting Systems

      White Light LEDs simply don't work as well for plants, as they do for our eyes. Plants require deep blues, intense reds and powerful violet tones to develop.

      Our Hydroponic systems pack all of these colors, in a smart solution that enables power and water savings of up to 95% compared to traditional light-farming.

      The future of green - is violet.

      iLED Andromeda: IoT control for you r devices.

      Our Andromeda platform leverages state-of-the-art Cloud software and hardware. Enabling control, monitoring, automation, and remote sensing of all your devices.

      Manage Streetlights in a click of a Mouse. Control buildings from the smartphone.

      Build it into your own branded devices for custom, smart solutions.

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